About Us

"Mommy and me" for moms and sons

Welcome to our little sunny corner of the internet.

We are Moni Makai (MAW-nee muh-KIY). I'm Monica, or Moni for short, and "Makai" is the Hawaiian word for “toward or by the sea." 

The idea for our "mommy and me" clothing line was born in Southern California, where I lived with my husband for nearly a decade. I am a lover of loud prints and Hawaiian shirts, having grown up spending many a holiday in the tropical paradise.

When our son was born — he turned 4 in August — I tried to find clothes to twin/coordinate with him (yes, I am that mom) and I could not find anything I liked. Rather than settle for cheesy mother-son T-shirts, I decided to create my own line of matching/coordinating tops

Lastly, we struggled with infertility. And I wrote about it herehere (I am a news editor by trade) and also here. We had both of our children via IVF and when the idea for this business came to be, I decided I wanted to be a brand that gave back to the #ttccommunity, and not just one day a year, but every day. Infertility treatments can cost more than a down-payment on a house and we want to help families make their dreams come true. Ten percent of our proceeds every month will go to the Bundle of Joy Fund

Thank you so much for being here and we hope you'll check out our fun, wild prints to help spread the #makaivibes.