Mom life

  • My favorite things: Pandemic staples

    For kicks and giggles, I’m listing a few of my favorite things that helped make quarantine life a little brighter. 

  • Sleep-training and what worked for us. Twice.

    We are 2 for 2 when it comes to sleep-training success so I’m here to share our experiences for any other parent(s) who may need a nudge. I wrote a “dummy’s guide” after we did it with H and I’ve tweaked it to include the alternate method we used with Sky. 

  • Top 10 newborn essentials: Our favorite things for baby (0-6 months)

    To help new parents avoid what we call "stuff overwhelm," we decided to break it down to the essential must-haves. 
  • A letter to the parent(s) having their second child

    I hopped on a Zoom happy hour the other day. It was organized as a surprise for a coworker who was about to go on leave in preparation for her sec...
  • How it started, how it’s going: A timeline of our pandemic year

    I hear the phrase “You’ve been through a lot” often. And weirdly a part of my brain is wired to say no, and to deny this fact. “Everyone’s had a tough year,” I think. But, when I list all the things that have happened to us in 2020, it helps me come to terms with yes, we HAVE been through a lot.
  • Listening, Reading, Watching: Some new recs

    The pandemic has turned our content-crazed society into an even more devouring populace. Just when we thought we'd reached peak streaming, another service pops up that we must sign up for. If you are constantly asking friends for recommendations, let me save you a text or an email. Here are our latest picks.

  • Keeping It Simple This Thanksgiving

    Looking for some last-minute Thanksgiving recipes? I dug up some old family faves to give you a clue of what our Thursday table will look like. We aren't doing anything fancy or non-traditional. With so much uncertainty in the world, I don't need it at the table — give me the old comforts of Thanksgivings past! 
  • My 3 Words for 2020

    Last year, thanks to some inspiration from a friend, I chose three words that would steer me on my 365-day trip around the sun.They were discernm...
  • Ode to Southern California

    Before I start documenting our adventures from our new town, I wanted to reflect on this past decade, and where I've/we've been. Surreal to imagine I uprooted myself at the beginning of the previous decade, leaving New York City for Los Angeles to be with MainMan (we met at a wedding in Sept. '09 and after a few months of long-distance dating, I decided to move there in May '10 to give us a real shot). And now, here we are in a new decade, having just completed another life-altering transition. We survived a few moves in the '10s, but none feel quite as momentous as this one.
  • How to support a friend struggling with infertility

    Hi! Thanks for stopping by. This week is National Infertility Awareness Week and we. Are. Here. For. It. Our road to conceiving was difficult and...
  • Life interrupted: Our infertility strikes again

    I've been quiet here, trying to figure out how to break the ice these past two weeks. Here are some blog topics I was pondering to help with the a...
  • Our favorite books for 2-year-olds

    I've been meaning to write something on our favorite books du jour (really, it feels like LG's preferences with everything in his little world: fo...